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Meeper遇见Robotime/Meeper meet Robotime

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   EcoKMC携美国STEAM教育领导品牌开拓国内市场/EcoKMC brings the US STEAM education leading brand to explore the domestic market

2018年07月9日,在EcoKMC公司的悉心安排下,美国MEEPER公司CEO Liz Eversoll 女士及EcoKMC公司一行参观了Robotime。


On July 9th, 2018, under the careful arrangement of EcoKMC, Ms. Liz Eversoll, CEO of MEEPER, and EcoKMC visited the company.


 双方互相展示了各自的产品,并详述了产品的特点和理念。ROBOPAL的CFO 魏林先生展示了益智类、木质类、立体拼图拼接类玩具模型,精巧的构思与设计使得这些玩具已然具备了工业品的品质,深深打动了参观的人员。魏总介绍,他们为了保证木质的坚固性,所用的木头全是从美国进口。非州等国家虽然木头资源很丰富,但由于所处的湿热环境,使得材料满足不了高端需求。这也使得他们的产品得已进入高端商场、机场等。 现在的苏州中心,诚品书店,浦东机场都能看到他们的产品。魏总也非常热心地带领我们参观了其位于苏州中心的合作店铺。


The two sides showed each other their products and explained their characteristics and concepts. ROBOPAL's CFO Mr. Wei Lin showed puzzle, wood, and three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle models. The ingenious conception and design made these toys have the quality of industrial products, deeply impressed the visitors. General Wei introduced that in order to ensure the solidity of the wood, the wood used was imported from the United States. Although African countries are rich in wood resources, due to the hot and humid environment, their woods can not meet the high-end needs. This also makes their products have entered high-end shopping malls, airports and so on. Now Suzhou Center, Eslite Bookstore, Pudong Airport can see their products. Mr. Wei also very enthusiasticly led us to visit its cooperative shop in the center of Suzhou.


Meeper的Liz Eversoll女士,也对产品进行了讲解,对MEEPER产品的定位是“做乐高的兼容者而非竞争者”。指出乐高虽然知名度很高,但MEEPER产品在低齡儿童的积木互动方面的细分领域仍更有优势。并且,MEEPER产品还配备了系统性的课程,严格按照美国教育理论的标准,由知名的经验丰富的教师进行编写,不光考虑到了智力开发性、趣味性,还考虑到了与孩子相对应的心理年龄的对应性。


Ms. Liz Eversoll of Meeper also explained the product, and their idea of to be a Lego compatible rather than a competitor. She pointed out that although LEGO is well-known, MEEPER products still have advantages in the segmentation of building blocks for young children. In addition, MEEPER products are also equipped with systematic courses, written in strict accordance with American educational theory standards, by well-known and experienced teachers. Their products not only token intellectual development, and fun into consideration, but also the psychological age corresponding to children.


经过深入的交谈,双方定了合作的基调:一、Robotime更看重LIZ的课程,希望MEEPER提供课程供他们研究,如果课程质量不错,他们会先通过乐高培训中心进行试点,在年前可以通过目前的培训资源,很快试运行。如果反响不错,会再谈深层次的合作。二、鉴于Robotime出色的设计团队以及质量意识,Liz Eversoll 女士考虑将一部分设计与制造工作交由Robotime完成。三、双方可以互为经销商销售对方的产品。


After in-depth conversation, the two sides set the tone for cooperation: First, Robomi valued the LIZ course more and hoped that MEEPER would provide courses for them to study. If the course quality is good, they will first pass the LEGO training center to pilot, and have a trial run with their training resource before the end of this year. If the response is good, we wish to have a further conversation of cooperation. Second, in view of Robotime's outstanding design team and quality awareness, Ms. Liz Eversoll considered handing over part of the design and manufacturing work to Robotime. Third, the two parties can can consider mutual dealers to expand product sales.



About Robotime



Robotime has a strong original strength and has a global leading edge in underactuated mechanical design technology, bionics design, system integration, and artificial intelligence.


公司已成功研制超过30款机器人玩具原理样机,申请国际发明专利3项、国内专利5项、可申请专利超过30项,产品均具有完全自主知识产权。公司以“科技创造乐趣”为主旨,“打造中国首席科技玩具品牌”为目标,若态科技致力于为全世界儿童和成人提供有想象力、创造性、智能型、互动性的玩具产品。在2017年,销售额已超过1亿人民币。The company has successfully


developed more than 30 prototypes of robot toy prototypes, applying for 3 international invention patents, 5 domestic patents, and more than 30 patentable applications. The products have completely independent intellectual property rights. With the aim of creating fun with technology and building the chief technology toy brand in China, Robotime Technology is committed to providing imaginative, creative, intelligent and interactive toys for children and adults all over the world. In 2017, sales have exceeded 100 million yuan.

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