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— 管理团队 —

Ms. Catherine Zhou (周清理), CEO
周苏岳 (Mr. Richard Zhou), CTO
李俊领 (Mr. Junling Li), Technical Director


Ms. Catherine Zhou’s Bio

Ms. Catherine Zhou is the CEO of EcoKMC LLC, a California company dedicated to represent U.S. and European advanced products and technology in the field of construction material and equipment, architecture products and solutions, Green-building, clean tech, eco and environmental friendly industry, and promote them into China’s ever growing urbanization market. This mission is collaborated through her other entity, EcoKMC (Beijing) New Material Co., Ltd, where she is currently the managing director. With offices in Los Angeles, Beijing and Shanghai, on the one side, KMC has been successfully promoting products, technology, and solutions in China through a tightly managed nationwide distributor channel; on the other side, KMC works closely with MoHURD (Ministry of Housing Urban Rural Development), CABR (China Academy of Building Research Institute) and other prominent universities and institutes to influence industry codes and standards, which would enable the application of these products and technologies.

Prior to this, Catherine was the Vice President and China General Manager of Saint-Gobain Sage Electrochromics, Inc. Sage is the world leader of Dynamic glass. Supported by US DOE from the beginning, Sage spent 20 years to research and develop dynamic glass, starting from 2003 its first commercial installation, it has since been the only company that commercialized dynamic glass with a few hundred projects in U.S., Europe, and Middle East. With Ms. Zhou’s endeavor at Sage, Sage successfully launched into China, and was not only accepted to prominent public business projects, but also invited to the revisal committee of China Green Building Assessment Standard.

Before Sage, Catherine was the General Manager at Solatube CECIC Daylight Technology Co., Ltd. In this role, Ms. Zhou led a team providing all aspects of leading and establishing China Tubular Daylighting industry, from manufacturing Tubular Daylight Device (TDD) products for Green Buildings in China, to promoting awareness of daylighting technology and applications in burgeoning Chinese market, and to creating Tubular Daylighting Industry in China. Under Catherine’s leadership, Solatube was invited by China Architecture Standard Institute to compose China Tubular Daylight Device Standard.

Before joining Solatube CECIC Daylight Technology Co., Ltd. in 2009, Ms. Zhou worked for a diverse range of organizations, including FMC Technologies (Ogden, UT, USA), Nu-kote International (Nashville, TN, USA), and COSMOS the design analysis unit of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp (Los Angeles, CA, USA).

Ms. Zhou has more than 20 years of professional experience in international marketing management, global multi-market product launch and market penetration, business development strategy, and sales in the US, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and the Middle East, and she now focuses on China market.

Mr. Zhou’s varied background in strategic business development, international marketing and sales, and business consulting provided the perfect foundation for developing Greenbuilding, Ecocity partnership, Energy Efficiency product, and Environmental Protection industry in China.

Ms. Zhou has also served in various leadership roles to foster industry growth and business community development: As the executive committee member of the management board of U.S. China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP,, she played a critical role in fostering collaboration with China Green Building Council, National Mayor’s Institute, and Energy Foundation; As the Vice Chair for American Chamber of Commerce Suzhou (, she was indispensable in building presence of AmCham in Suzhou and acquiring local governmental support for American business community; As the Executive committee member for Solar Decathlon China, she brought great resources for its success. She also served as Research Chair for AMA (American Marketing Association) Great Tennessee Chapter as well as various leadership role in Toast Masters Int’l in Southern California.

Graduated with Dean’s Scholar Award from University of California, Irvine, Ms. Zhou holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and she also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical & Electronics engineering from SouthWest JiaoTong University in China.

To contact Ms. Zhou please email


周苏岳 先生 Richard Zhou

Suzhou,China& Los Angeles,USA| China C: +8613910508400

US C: +13109337089|

Richard now is the CTO of EcoKMC a cross-pacific innovation bridge platform located both in China Suzhou and Los Angeles. EcoKMC Identify right innovative technology companies in USA and help them use the Huge China market, fund and industry resource to grow up in EcoKMC Suzhou Accelerator. It also identify right innovative technology companies in CHINA and help them penetrate into

USA market.

Prior to EcoKMC he was President at Microvast Power Solutions since January 2016. Microvast is a global leader in battery storage solutions for mobile and stationary applications, including long-life, fast-charging lithium-ion battery systems for electric and hybrid-electric municipal bus fleets.

In his role, he leads business & product development on heavy-duty Lithium Ion battery systems based on for Microvast's Ultra Fast Charging Battery technology for the American market. This includes development of LPTO/LPCO based Ultra Fast Charging Battery ESS (Energy Storage System) for heavy duty vehicles like: Hybrid Trailer ESS; Ultrafast Charge Plugin Hybrid BUS ESS; Plugin Hybrid Delivery Truck ESS; Hybrid Mining Haul Truck ESS; ESS for Tram; and ESS for Marine. Additionally, he leads development of LPTO based SESS (Stationary Energy Storage System) for: North American Rail Wayside Applications; Microgrid Applications coupled with PV and Turbine generators; and European Grid Frequency Regulation Applications.

Formerly, he served from January 2005 to December 2015 as CEO and CTO for Beijing Digital Era Technoligies. His firm helped introduce and market several innovations from North America into the Chinese market - and vice versa, including: Laser Track based 3D metrology system for wind tunnel application, Laser Based Indoor GPS for large volume metrology system like commercial jet assemble, Digital FilmMaking System, Digital Film Restoration, 4K Film Production and post production system; Nano-Water Based Ultrathin Intumescent Fireproof Coating products; High Frequency/High Efficiency Power Electronic Ballast; Concrere Waterproofing Admixtrue and Repairing System.


中国苏州美国洛杉矶  中国手机: +8613910508400



在加入EcoKMC之前,他自2016年1月起担任Microvast 美国总裁。Microvast是用于移动和固定应用的长寿命,快速充电锂离子电池系统解决方案的全球领导者,其产品特别适合用于电动和混合动力市政巴士。

在他任职期间,他领导了基于Microvast超快速充电电池技术的重负荷锂离子电池系统在美国市场的业务和产品开发。这包括开发用于重型车辆的基于LPTO / LPCO的超快速充电电池ESS(能量存储系统),例如:混合拖车ESS;超快速充电插电混合动力大巴ESS;插电混合送货卡车ESS;混合动力采矿拖车ESS;电车的ESS;和船用ESS。此外,他领导开发基于LPTO的SESS(固定式储能系统):北美铁路Wayside SESS应用;微电网应用加上光伏和涡轮发电机;欧洲电网频率调节应用SESS。

之前,他曾于2005年1月至2015年12月担任北京数字年代科技公司首席执行官兼首席技术官。他的公司帮助将北美的几项创新产品引入中国市场同时也在美国市场导入中国产品。这些技术和产品包括:基于激光轨道的风洞应用3D测量系统,基于激光室内GPS的大空间计量系统用于大型商业喷气飞机的装配,数字电影制作系统,胶片电影4K数字修复,4K电影制作和后期制作系统;纳米水基超薄膨胀型防火涂料产品;大功率高频/高效电力电子镇流器; 混凝土防水外加剂及裂缝修复系统等。


李俊领 先生




2004/09~2007/06 | 北京工业大学| 材料学| 硕士

2000/09~2004/07 | 石家庄铁道学院| 无机非金属材料工程| 本科


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